Is there really anything better on a hot day than an ice-cold margarita? Maybe pair that with some steak tacos, and it seems like a perfect day. Even better, some fantastic companies like Rancho La Gloria are now making these refreshing mixed cocktail drinks into delicious popsicles.

When it comes to fact versus fiction, the world of alcohol is no different. Anyone who drinks seems to know at least one thing that they have heard from someone. Sometimes these myths are just funny, and others take these hearsays very seriously. Always drink responsibly, and here are ten myths about drinking and the truth behind them.


Myth: Dark beers have higher alcohol content than lighter beers.

Truth: The color of a beer has everything to do with the malt and flavor and nothing to do with the amount of alcohol in it. Beers can have a wide range of percentage levels. However, the average is around 4.5%. Some Belgian beers, even with a light color, can have a content level of 8% alcohol and compared to a Guinness Irish stout that is around 4.2%, the more golden color has more alcohol in it. Surprise! So the real truth is that color affects the taste, not the amount of alcohol.


Myth: Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.

Truth: While almost anyone who drinks has heard this one, there is absolutely no truth to it, no matter how nice the rhyme is. The way that your body processes the amount of alcohol could have something to do with this. Every individual processes it a little differently. Some factors such as weight or some illnesses can affect the processing. Your blood alcohol content is the deciding factor in how drunk a person is. No matter if it’s a beer or a shot or what order you drink them in.


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Myth: Take cold shower or drink a cup of coffee will sober you up.

Truth: No. Your body has already processed down the alcohol, and it’s cycling through your bloodstream. While these things might help to wake you up or feel alert, they cannot cycle the alcohol from your bloodstream. Only time can do that. It can take 1-2 hours to metabolize a single drink.


Myth: Eat greasy food to sober up.

Truth: Similar to drinking coffee or taking a cold shower, this can help you feel better but doesn’t get the alcohol out of your system any faster. It can help boost your metabolism to help keep your blood sugar level, and some people find less of a hangover in the morning.


Myth: Place a spoon into a bottle of sparkling wine, handle side down to stop the carbonation from escaping.

Truth: There’s actual science behind this one. Not the spoon part, though. Sparkling wine will last, even uncapped, for a day or two with refrigeration. Here’s the science. Once you pop the cork on the bottle, the carbon dioxide creates a layer on top of the wine. This gas is heavier than oxygen and helps to prevent oxidation. This little layer of protection also helps to hold the chill in the wine. So ditch the spoon and be sure to place it in the refrigerator.


Myth: You can bruise gin if you shake it.

Truth: That beautiful sound of a mixed drink being made is a sure-fire way to know there is a bartender nearby. That part is true. At the same time, some people find a shaken drink a bit watered down, perhaps from the smaller broken bits of ice from the shaking. But that also means an overall colder drink than just a stirred martini. Either shaken or stirred, enjoy responsibly.


Myth: If you mix watermelon and alcohol, you will die.

Truth: Wait…yeah, some people actually believe this one. It’s far from factual. In fact, it’s delicious. Just try out Ready-to-drink Watermelon Margarita! Watermelon and beer can even go great together. 


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Myth: Drinking beer isn’t the same as drinking “hard” liquors.

Truth: There is no difference in drinking one over another. A 12-ounce beer has just as much alcohol content in it as a single shot of whiskey. Same with a five-ounce glass of wine. Your body will still process the alcohol in beer the same way it would a screwdriver.


Myth: Alcohol makes me better in bed.

Fact: It only makes you believe yourself to be better in bed. Even a small amount (you know, like one drink) can hinder reaction times and reduce performance. While a little bit can loosen you up and help you to relax, it’s not going to make you better between the sheets magically.


Myth: I’ll be better off once I learn to “hold my liquor.”

Fact: Most people believe that once they take longer to get “buzzed,” it means they can handle more liquor before it begins to affect them. Sadly that’s not always true. While you might not notice the symptoms of drinking in excess as early once you build up a tolerance, your blood alcohol levels will still reflect the amount you have been drinking. Increasing your tolerance level can lead to many severe problems such as alcoholism. It only takes six minutes for alcohol to begin to affect your brain.


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There, now you know the truth behind these ten drinking myths. While there are plenty more out there, such as being able to drive safely with the window down (please don’t drink and drive ever.) or that alcohol makes you happy (it’s a depressant, so that’s false) that have been spoken for so long that we just believe them to be true.

Whether it’s with friends or just a relaxing evening at home, there’s nothing better than to savor every sip with Rancho La Gloria. Offering a variety of canned cocktails and ready-to-drink margaritas, they have something for everyone. Don’t forget to stock up on their popsicles so that you’re ready for summer.


Always remember the real truth. Please drink responsibly.