You may be familiar with lime, strawberry, and mango margaritas. These are some of the most popular margaritas and are popular for a reason. However, there are plenty of underrated margaritas out there, some of which use genuinely unique ingredients. 

One of these is the avocado margarita. This is a unique drink that will shock you with how good it is. Keep reading to find out how to make one!


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Choosing the Right Ingredients

Before you set about making your avocado margarita, you need to pick the right ingredients. Picking quality ingredients is one of the most important parts of creating a quality drink. 

This primarily means picking the right avocados and picking the right tequila. However, you’ll need a few other things as well. 

Choosing the Right Avocados

When picking an avocado, you want it to be ripe. To find out if the option you are considering is ripe, you can do a few things. 

First, take a look at your options. Avocados range from green to greenish-black. A ripe avocado will be on the greenish-black end of this spectrum. Focus on these when you have a lot of options in front of you. 

Next, give your options a quick visual inspection. You want to make sure they are generally as free from cuts and bruises as they can be. A few problems aren’t a deal breaker, but you want to choose an option that is as unproblematic as possible. 

Finally, feel the avocados. Give the one you are considering a gentle squeeze. They should have some give to them but should still be a little firm. So, they should be neither hard nor mushy. When you squeeze one, the indentation from your squeeze should go away. 

If you can’t find a perfectly ripe option, you can go with one that will be ripe soon. Then, simply set it aside for a few days. Check it again every now and then to determine when it is ready. 


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Choosing the Right Tequila

When picking out tequila for any margarita, you want to choose something high-quality. Otherwise, your drink will suffer. 

One indicator of this is whether or not you are dealing with 100% agave tequila. This kind of tequila has to be made from 100% agave rather than cheaper ingredients. So, the taste is typically more universally positive. 

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Bottle being poured into a salt-rimmed glass


Choosing Other Ingredients

The other ingredients in an avocado margarita are easier to pick out. In some cases, you may have them lying around already. 

Start out with agave nectar. Any agave nectar will do. However, if you want the best option, choose one on the lighter side so that it will not impart too much flavor into the final product. 

Next, you’ll need some cilantro. However, if you are one of many people genetically predisposed to hate the taste of cilantro, you don’t have to include this ingredient. You can skip it entirely or swap it with a different herb, like basil or mint. 

Finally, you’ll need some fresh limes. You can go with lime juice instead, but the flavor won’t be quite the same. If possible, we suggest squeezing your limes yourself. 

On top of these ingredients, you’ll also need just a few pieces of equipment. You’ll need a knife and a cutting board, a drink shaker, and something to juice your limes. 


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Avocado Margarita Recipe

Once you have your ingredients, you are ready to get started. Gather them together and get ready to make your drink!

Start by cutting about half of the avocado into small sections. In addition, finely chop a few sprigs of cilantro.

Put the cut cilantro in a cup and muddle it together with half an ounce of the agave nectar and one and a half ounces of freshly squeezed lime juice. Add this mixture, an ounce and a half of tequila (Rancho la Gloria’s jalapeno-infused tequila if you want something spicy), and half an ounce of Cointreau together into a shaker with ice. Then, simply shake everything together roughly until it is completely mixed. 

Once you have done this, you can pour your drink into the glass of your choosing, though we’d suggest a rocks glass. You can garnish it with a lime wedge or even a piece of the avocado peel. Or, you can dive right in to enjoying it!

Health Benefits of Avocado

When drinking a margarita, you don’t often think about the health benefits. However, when drinking a margarita with avocado, you absolutely should. 

This is because avocados are healthy for you in general. In fact, they are so healthy for you that many refer to them as a superfood. These are foods that are packed with positive features, and that help you in ways beyond what other foods are capable of. 


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Avocado is specifically healthy because of what it contains within. A serving of avocado contains more potassium than an equal serving of banana. It is also high in fiber and contains plenty of folate. 

On top of all of this, avocados are filled with monounsaturated fats. These are good fats. They help your body lower levels of lower LDL cholesterol. Since high cholesterol is a major health risk, doing this is a big help to anyone struggling with their cholesterol. 

So, making an avocado margarita is better for you than most other choices. Because of this, it is an easy way to fit some extra nutrition in at a time you would otherwise think was impossible. 

Close-up of a cut avocado


Making an Avocado Margarita

If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying drink, consider an avocado margarita. When doing so, just make sure to choose the right ingredients. Then, you’ll be ready to enjoy this unique drink!

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