When you think of weddings, what comes to mind? A beautiful dress, excellent food, lots of dancing, and drinks? With so much surrounding weddings, we can’t forget the bachelorette party! So many brides look forward to their special day and party, so you must know where to begin when planning the party. 

However, deciding where to begin when planning a bachelorette can be as stressful as planning the party itself. Therefore, one of the essential aspects of planning the best bachelorette party is the packing list. 

Creating the perfect packing list doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. We’ll do it for you! Plus, we’ll answer some popular questions and give you some advice along the way. 

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How do you plan a bachelorette party successfully?

You’ll need to determine a few critical aspects to plan a bachelorette party successfully. Let’s look through some of these now. 

Where will the party be hosted?

When will you have the party?

Who will be invited?

Once you’ve determined these questions, it’s time to move on to planning activities, food, and drinks. But the best way to successfully plan this party is to create a game plan of how you’d like the night to go. If you are planning this with the bride, you can ask her if there are specific things she’d like to be included in the party. 

You’ll want to move onto the guest list and itinerary for the night. First, choose games and activities for the party. Once you’ve finished deciding what your guests will do during the night, it’s time to decide on the refreshments. A great way to guarantee great drinks is to use ready-to-drink cocktails.

After all of this, you can begin deciding how you’ll want to decorate your chosen location and what party favors you should give out. 

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What usually happens at a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party often consists of games, dirty gifts, dancing, and great drinks. The party usually lasts in the evening or at night and goes on as long as you’d like. Bachelorette parties often include delicious food and great cocktails. 

If the bride is a fan of sun-kissed margaritas, include these or any other cocktails that everyone can enjoy. 

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How soon should you start planning a bachelorette party?

You’ll want to begin planning the party anywhere from 3-6 months. This gives you enough time to devise a budget, collect supplies you’ll need, arrange a venue, and for guests to make arrangements so they can join. Planning this far out also allows you to change dates if the already chosen dates aren’t suitable.

What are must-haves at a bachelorette party?

There are a few must-haves that you’ll want to make sure are at the party. Let’s look at what those are. 

Decorations: To ensure your bachelorette party is a success, you’ll have to decorate! Choose some beautiful decorations and prepare your party location. 

Water bottles: It’s easy to dehydrate when you’re having a good time. Water bottles make for fewer dishes to clean up and ensure you’ve always got a sufficient amount of water. 

Party favors: Having cute or risque trinkets to give to guests is a great way to send a little souvenir home with everyone. 

Premade Cocktails: If you decide to make your cocktails, you’ll still want to bring some ready-to-go cocktails along. As the night goes on, it’ll become much more convenient to have a strawberry margarita waiting for you rather than make one yourself. (Especially after everyone’s already had a few drinks!)

Bags: This will make it easier for your guests to collect all their things to take home and help keep the party more organized.

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The Bachelorette Packing List 

Overview of the water with a walkway and lights

Now that the party is planned, it’s time to get ready and go! Since you’re done worrying about decorations, refreshments, and guest lists, it’s time to figure out what you’ll still need to bring for the night. So let’s look at what you should take for the perfect party! 

For the bride:

Bride-to-be sash: No bachelorette party is complete with the bride’s sash! If you don’t have one ready for the bride-to-be at the venue, you must bring one to complete your party.

For everyone: 

Bluetooth speakers: If your venue doesn’t offer a way to play music, you can still jam out to your favorite playlist. 

VPN hotspot: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is always a safe idea when using public wifis. Such as those in restaurants, Airbnbs, hotels, or anywhere your Wi-Fi might not be secure. 

First aid kit: While we’re not planning on something unfortunate, it’s best to be safe and bring a first aid kit. 

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For yourself:

Makeup bag and travel bag: It’s easy for makeup to get strung around when you’re hurrying to get ready for a party. But when you’re in a hotel room with other guests getting prepared, it can quickly begin to look like a tornado has gown through. A makeup bag and travel bag keep your things organized so you won’t need to wonder where your deodorant has wandered. 

Water-proof mascara: I’m not saying there will be tears at the party; though these parties can be exciting for some with high emotions, it happens. But with all the partying and dancing you’ll be doing, it’s best to guarantee you won’t have mascara smeared before the night is finished. 

Travel packing cubes: These are a great way to help you organize everything you’re bringing and any other items you might be bringing for the guests and bride. 

Comfortable outfit and party dress: You can’t forget your favorite party dress! You’ll want to make sure this is packed, along with an extra pair of comfy clothes for when the night is over.