Are you hoping to throw a killer labor day party but aren’t sure how to start planning? 

Labor Day can serve as the perfect time to get your friends and family members together one last time before summer winds down and busy fall plans start up. 

If you’re looking to plan the perfect party, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the ten best Labor Day party ideas

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What is Labor Day?

While most people know that Labor Day is an American holiday that takes place at the beginning of September, many people don’t know about its origins. 

Labor Day is a federal holiday that honors and recognizes the American labor movement as well as the works and contributions of laborers throughout American history. Congress first made Labor Day an official holiday in the United States in 1894

Many other nations have their own version of Labor Day, and some countries also celebrate International Workers’ Day in May. 

Labor Day is also referred to as the “unofficial end of summer” as it marks the season’s end in a cultural sense. Celebrating Labor Day can be the perfect way to prepare for the shift into the new season. 

Labor Day Party Ideas 

So, what should you do for your Labor Day party? Here are some of the best Labor Day party ideas:

1. Host an Outdoor Movie Night 

Hosting an outdoor movie night can be a great way to enjoy the nice weather before the breezy summer nights turn into chill autumn evenings. 

If you’re looking to stay on theme by celebrating the contributions of the working people, here are some of the best Labor Day movies to watch

  • Horrible Bosses
  • Clerks
  • Employee of the Month
  • Office Space
  • Working Girl
  • North Country
  • 9 to 5
  • The Grapes of Wrath
  • Roger & Me 

To get in the moving-watching mood, make sure to have plenty of popcorn popped and offer your guests an assortment of candies. Instead of setting out chairs for your guests, it can be fun to throw down a mishmash of pillows and blankets. 

After the movie is over, you can all hang out below the stars to enjoy the rest of the evening. 

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2. Host a Block Party 

If you’re friends with your neighbors (or you want to get to know them), then we suggest throwing a block party

With so many people attending, we suggest putting together a potluck so there’s enough food and drinks to go around. If there are a lot of kids in your neighborhood, we suggest having a potluck or putting together some games to keep the young ones entertained. 

Planning a block party can be a lot of work, so we suggest gathering a group of volunteers to help you organize. Also, unless you’re throwing the party in your backyard, you’ll likely need to apply for a permit through the city. 

If your neighborhood uses an app like NextDoor, you can post about the party there. Otherwise, you can do things the old-fashioned way by posting signs in your neighborhood. 

You also might want to think about approaching a local business for a donation. Many local places are happy to donate pizza, desserts, or decorations in exchange for some free promotion. 

3. Host a Pool Party 

Pool Party

Before the weather gets too chilly, it can be fun to throw one last pool party. Bust out the pool floaties, whip up some margaritas, and lay some snacks out to munch on. 

Make sure you have enough seating around the pool since everyone won’t want to be in the pool the whole time. Also, make sure you put together a killer playlist going to set the vibe for the party. 

We suggest starting your pool party in the afternoon so everyone will have time to enjoy the sun. If you want, you can turn the pool party into a bonfire party when the sun goes down. 

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4. Plan a Picnic in the Park 

If you’re looking to host a laid-back party that involves minimal clean-up, then we suggest planning a picnic in the park. 

All you need to do is lay out some blankets, plop some pillows on the ground, and fill your picnic basket up with drinks and snacks. Make sure you understand the alcohol laws in your local area, as many places will let you bring cans but not glass bottles to the park. 

If you can only bring cans, we suggest stocking up on canned bears or canned margaritas

5. Host a Garden Cocktail Party 

Garden cocktail party 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get all dressed up, then hosting a garden cocktail party in your backyard on Labor Day can be a great idea. 

Bring out the bar cart and whip up some margaritas, martinis, cosmopolitans, Moscow mules, or any sort of cocktail you please. We suggest serving your drinks with little bites, such as finger sandwiches, veggies and hummus, canapes, or bruschetta. 

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6. Host a Boat Party 

If you want to host a fancy Labor Day soiree, a boat party is guaranteed to impress everyone. You and your guests can sip champagne and margaritas while watching the sunset and snapping photos. 

If you don’t own a boat, you can look into renting one from your local marina

Labor Day Party Ideas: Time to Plan Your Party 

Now that you have this list of Labor Day party ideas, it’s time to start planning your party. Pretty soon, you’ll be ringing in the autumn season with your friends and family. 

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