When people think of Mexico, fantastic cocktails and authentic Mexican cuisine are some things that come to mind. So, of course, Mexico offers a lot of delicious alcoholic beverages. But with so many drink options available, you might be scratching your head at where to start. 

Fret no more! We have the best margarita bars in Mexico that bring great cocktails and spirits for your trip. So whenever you’re in Mexico and looking for a sound bar, check out this list to find excellent choices. We’ll take you through the best bars to visit when you’re in Mexico.

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Mexico City

people walking near the Palacio De Bellas Artes in Mexico City

Mexico City has many margarita bars to check out on your trip to Mexico. We have three of the best bars for you to check out down below! 

Helado Obscuro Bar

Helado Obscuro Bar is located in Mexico City and offers a new way to enjoy margaritas. This unique ice cream parlor offers a special twist to your favorite margaritas as they create some of their cocktails from the ice cream they serve. 

They have several branches throughout the city. However, the branch that you’ll want to check out is their Zona Rosa branch, which offers ice cream margaritas. 

Villa Maria 

If you love super-sized margaritas, then Villa Maria will be a dream come true. Their massive margaritas are perfect for those who are looking for large quantities of margaritas at an affordable cost. Some famous margaritas they offer are the tamarindo margarita and the margarita Azul. 

These two frozen drinks are concocted from tequila and blue curacao. They are a top choice for anyone in Mexico City looking for a delicious margarita. 

Dulce Patria

This excellent Mexico City bar and restaurant offers not only amazing margaritas but also serves delicious food to accompany your refreshing drink. Chef Maria Ortiz owns Dulce Patria, she also operates Dulce Patria. You’ll find traditional margaritas and excellent traditional Mexican cuisine to go along. 

So if you’re searching for a fantastic meal with a refreshing cocktail, this is the place to go! First, check out their Dulce Patria margarita, as this is a regular show-stopper. This drink has an eye-catching pink color and offers a sweet and salty flavor as it’s topped with golden sugar and cactus flower. 

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Cancun has more to offer than beautiful beaches and fantastic tourist attractions. Cancun also has some of Mexico’s best margarita bars. 

Taco y Tequila 

This Cancun-based bar is located in the Isla Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Cancun. Taco y Tequila not only offers some of the best margaritas around, but it’s a great stop to grab something to eat after a day of shopping and fun activities. 

They only use fresh ingredients and premium tequila in their drinks. Their most famous cocktail is the watermelon margarita, so check out this drink the next time you’re in Cancun.  

Ritz Carlton Cancun 

This fabulous bar offers a variety of great margaritas. Ritz Carlton is a must-visit bar for anyone in Cancun. They offer two great margaritas that are the go-to cocktails for most visitors. These two drinks are The Margarita Cancun and the 100-Dollar margarita. All their drinks are made with quality tequila and will have you returning for more. 

Taco Grill

The Taco Grill is located in the Isla Mall, just like Taco y Tequila above. Here, you can find two delicious margaritas; the classic margarita and the spicy Chamoy margarita. If you’ve never had a spicy margarita or you’re looking for your next favorite drink, the Chamoy margarita is a perfect choice as it’s made from the sweet and spicy Chamoy sauce. 

This grill offers more than just delicious margaritas; they also provide great typical-Mexican food. In addition, they have excellent prices and unique local flavors!

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A View of the Hierve El Agua in Mexico

This glorious little town is only a six-hour drive from Mexico City. But the flavorful drinks make the drive worth it! So next time you’re in Oaxaca, check these places out!

La Mezecalerita

This fantastic bar not only offers tasty margaritas but also offers choice beers and artisanal agave spirits. Their most popular drink is the Margarita de Chapulines. La Mezecalerita is a fan favorite. But if you decide to visit, make sure you go early! This Mexican bar fills up quickly due to its soaring popularity. 

La Mezecalerita is a must-see place for anyone in Oaxaca. So check it out and go early to grab a spot! You’ll love their cocktail selection and use of quality spirits. 

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This impressive restaurant and bar have some of the most mouthwatering margaritas around. You won’t want to miss Zandunga on your next trip to Oaxaca. And when you stop in, make sure to try their Zandunga margarita

This flavorful margarita is both sweet and spicy. However, the spicy flavors aren’t overwhelming, and you’ll notice a soft smokey flavor throughout the margarita. They also add Sal De Gusano to give the drink a smooth and unique texture. They serve the glass with the rim lined in excellent salt, so you won’t need to worry about overpowering saltiness. 

Everyone should try this margarita at least once; I’m sure it’ll be your next favorite cocktail.

La Olla 

La Olla is an optimal choice for anyone looking for a Mezcalrita. This type of margarita is made from mezcal! They create cocktails using the best mezcal, fresh fruit juice, and salt. These are delightful cocktails that would complement any meal. La Olla is in an excellent area for food and drinks, so you can grab a bite to eat and then get your Mezcalerita! 

If you do have the chance to try La Olla, check out their watermelon or guava Mezcaleritas. These are popular choices that have received stunning reviews from visitors.