Are you a boxed wine diva? While bougie wine lovers look down their noses at the stuff that comes in a box, there is a new breed of eco-friendly wine enthusiasts. While the idea of selling wine in cans, boxes, or bags was inspired by cutting costs to boost profits—it helps that alternative packaging options are good for the environment. If you are interested in aligning your happy hour habits with your lifestyle habits, we have rounded up the best wines that don’t come in a bottle for your enjoyment!

Union Wine Co. Underwood Pinot Gris & Pinot Noir

Hang out with the cool kids in the beer garden without looking like a pretentious snob. These delicious pinot’s come in a stylish can, offering an approachable variety of Oregon-grown wines that fit your everyday style. No sniffing, swirling, tasting, or commentary is required. It’s Just great wine that you can casually enjoy.

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Rancho La Gloria Wine Cocktails

Get the party going with a snazzy take on the classic margarita thanks to
Rancho La Gloria’s blue agave infused cocktail drinks. While we think that the can’s make for great packaging, we were also pleased to find a variety of refreshing popsicles for those sunny afternoons spent by the pool. 

House Wine Chardonnay

It’s got a cute font and charming drawing of a house on the can (or box); what more could you want? Except, of course, great wine! House Wine offers a delicious Chardonnay that balances sweet apples, citrus, peach, Asian pears, and aromatic vanilla. If this fruit basket isn’t delightful enough, the final finish gives a quick burst of pineapple. 

Bandit Pinot Grigio

Bandit has two passions—wine and national parks. They make a great pinot packaged in a soft-sided, recyclable single-serve pouch. And by single-serve, we mean about a half bottle of wine per package. Bandits grig is a semi-dry wine with hints of apple, peach, pear, and lemon with a citrus finish. The wine that is made for those who enjoy the outdoors also pairs incredibly well with trail mix. We wonder if that is a coincidence.

Bridge Lane Red Blend

If you are looking for a red that doesn’t come in a bottle, it is harder to find the one. Red wines require some aging and do better in bottles with corks. But Bridge Lane has pulled off the boxed red wine. This red blend combines cherries, plums, apples, and a subtle hint of spicy oak. It’s a smooth rend blend that pairs well with red meat. 

handful of grapes

Wineberry Chateau Tassin 

This one comes in a seriously cool (and eco-friendly) wooden box. One box of wine is equivalent to four bottles of wine, so these little wooden crates should last a little bit. But, it’s okay, we won’t tell if they don’t. Wineberry boxes are made with sustainable wood, and it has a trendy look that makes it the best-boxed wine option for dinner parties.

Rancho La Gloria makes delicious margarita cocktail beverages in a variety of flavors so that everyone can enjoy a little bit of the classic taste of Mexico. Our products come in bottles, cans, and popsicles, so you can choose your favorite way to enjoy the day. Learn more today.

Vin Vault

For a twist of a little something different, try Malbec by Vin Vault. It pairs blueberry jam, black currants, and rose petals with a bit of spice from an oak finish. Vin Vault wines are made for the box, so you get the same great premium taste with every glass.

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Black Box Wine

Just calling it Black Box sounds a little fancy. And if you are looking for a rich red wine, we can’t say enough good things about their Cabernet. With a blend of black currant, toasty oak, and a smidge of vanilla finished off with blackberries and chocolate for an indulgent taste. 

dinner party wine glasses

What to Look for in a Boxed Wine

Boxed wines have a bit of a stigma. But we prefer to think of them as a cheap and cheerful alternative to overpaying for a glass bottle. The problem is that there are plenty of cheap wines hiding in the boxed wine aisle. How do you know which ones are worth the savings and which ones are a little less than premium?


There is a booming new trend hitting the boxed wine sector that is embracing eco-friendly alternatives. And along with it, they are bringing a new level of quality to cheaper wines. Look for brands that are obvious about making sustainability a priority, and you will find the brands that choose boxes for the right reasons.


If a boxed wine manufacturer is cutting corners to cut costs, it will be evident in the packaging as well as the wine. Take a good look at the packaging and how it is constructed. Look at how it opens and where the spigot is located. 

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The Takeaway on the Best Wines Not in a Bottle

We are embracing all of the delicious ways to enjoy a bit of wine. And while some of you are clutching your pearls, we are full-on admitting that great wine doesn’t have to come in a bottle. A great taste doesn’t have to be sealed with a pretentious cork. And, there shouldn’t be rules for how to taste wine. I mean, we are in favor of drinking it, so the brands on our list are designed for the people who would rather drink their wine. If you are new to boxed wine, we recommend taking a look at the story behind the brand and the quality of the packaging. You should be able to easily discern between the brands that are trying to pad their profits and the brands that are making an intentional choice with pure motivations.

Rancho La Gloria is a brand name synonymous with the sandy desert and sunny skies across Mexico. And even more so, the refreshing tang of the classic margarita. Our margarita cocktails allow everyone to enjoy a little taste of Mexico. Shop our products today.