When you’re out at the bar, you probably notice an extensive array of cocktail glasses. No matter what drink you order, the bartender has a specific glass for your needs, but do you need all of these different glasses at home?


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No, you don’t need every kind of glassware, but there are some important ones to own for the home bartender. Here are the best types of cocktail glasses to keep at home:


1. Highball Glasses


Highball and collin glasses are almost identical; they get used interchangeably for tall drinks, and they hold anywhere from 8-16 ounces. A collins glass is typically more tall and narrow, while a highball glass is usually stout and holds about ten ounces.

Highball glasses are essential for tall mixed drinks or “highball drinks” that are as simple as a shot poured with soda or juice.

Despite their height, highball glasses don’t usually hold a lot of liquid; you are supposed to fill them to the top with ice to keep your tall drink cold while you enjoy.


2. Coupe Glasses


Coupe glasses don’t get a lot of attention from home bartenders, mainly because they are interchangeable with many other cocktail glasses, but they make an excellent glass for different cocktails. Coupe glasses were originally designed for use with champagne, but changing tastes made the flute-style glass more popular with champagne drinkers.

When champagne shifted towards dryer versions, the coupe glass’s shape didn’t concentrate the aroma, and it dispersed the carbonation too quickly.

Now, coupe glasses typically hold martinis, daiquiris, and other similar cocktails.


3. Martini Glasses


Martini glasses are used for many classic cocktails, like cosmopolitans and Manhattans, but the conical shape is synonymous with martinis. These glasses work great for cocktails between three and six ounces that are served without ice. They also work as an alternative to margarita glasses in a pinch.

Martini glasses come in various styles, from stemless to intricate stem shapes and frosted, painted, or plain. It’s usually better to pick a martini glass with a stem; it keeps your hands from warming up the drink.


4. Rocks Glasses


Rocks glasses, also called old-fashioned or lowball glasses, are short tumblers that have thick bottoms. These glasses are perfect for short, on the rocks cocktails and hold six to eight ounces. You can also find double rocks glasses that hold ten to twelve ounces.

Since rocks glasses are relatively small, they are ideal for serving neat or straight pours of liquor (typically whiskey and other dark spirits) and short mixed drinks like the rusty nail or the old-fashioned.


Rancho La Gloria Margarita in a rocks glass


5. Shot Glasses


Shot glasses are a necessity for every home bartender, and they come in more shapes, styles, and sizes than you could imagine. An average shot glass holds 1½ ounces, but there are shorter and taller varieties. Used for mixed shooters and straight shots, along with the ability to measure liquor for mixed drinks, it’s good to have a few of these around.

The glass on the bottom of shot glasses is typically thicker than the rest of it to prevent it from shattering when putting the glass down after a drink. Shot glasses are also used to line up different liquors during tequila or whiskey tastings.


6. Margarita Glasses


Margarita glasses are used to — you guessed it — serve margaritas. They have a wide rim that makes it simple to add sugar or salt. Some people might say that margarita glasses aren’t essential because you can serve a margarita in a martini, highball, or rocks glass, but there’s nothing like drinking out of these fun glasses.

Margarita glasses come in sizes from six to 20 ounces:

  • Smaller glasses are best for drinks without ice
  • Medium-sized glasses are great for frozen drinks
  • Large glasses are good for drinks with ice or large frozen ones.


Rancho La Gloria margarita glass


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7. Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses typically hold four to eight ounces and come in three main styles:

  • Champagne flute: Champagne flutes are tall and thin with a tapered rim and designed to keep the bubbles longer. They are perfect for champagne cocktails with elegant garnishes.
  • Champagne tulip: Champagne tulips are elegant with a long stem and a rim that flares outwards. It doesn’t trap bubbles like the flute style, but it’s a good option for champagne and sparkling wines.
  • Champagne saucer: These are the coup glasses we talked about earlier, and they are good for giving a vintage feel to your champagne.


8. Wine Glasses


Wine glass shopping can get tricky because of all the different shapes and styles, but there are essentially only two different types: red and white wine glasses.

White wine glasses typically have a tall and narrow bowl that is open at the rim.

Red wine glasses generally have a round, small bowl with a tapered rim.

Wine glasses are usually stemmed, but stemless ones are becoming more popular. Like martini glasses, ones with stems are preferred to keep your drink from getting warm.

Wine glasses hold anywhere from eight to 22 ounces, but a standard serving is five ounces.


9. Beer Glasses


Beer has its own set of glassware, with styles varying depending on the style of beer they hold. There are four main types of beer glasses:

  • Pint glass: Pint glasses are tall, tapered, and have straight sides. Typically holding 16 ounces, they can be chilled in the freezer and double as a cocktail mixing glass.
  • Pilsner glass: Pilsner glasses have more of a flute shape and hold ten to 14 ounces of liquid. The wide rim is excellent for pilsners and lagers because it allows for a good head.
  • Beer mug: Frosted beer mugs with a thick handle and base are used in most bars, and they hold varying volumes depending on their size.
  • Ale glass: Ale glasses show off the beer’s color and head while trapping the complex aromas with its bulbous shape. There are two main ale glasses:
    • Nonic pint glass: These are similar to a pint glass, but they have a bulb near the top to enhance aromas.
    • Stemmed tulip glass: These have a large bowl tapering towards the rim and are traditionally used for Belgian ales.


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