What is Agave Wine?

Agave Wine provides an authentic tequila experience because, like tequila, it comes from the Agave plant. Rancho La Gloria uses only 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is harvested for USDA certified Organic Blue Agave nectar, and fermented into agave wine.

Where is the Infused tequila sourced from?

Our Tequilas are crafted with a Blanco base that is all grown, distilled and sourced from our distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.


Yes! All of our products are Gluten Free!

Best Way to Serve?

Your Rancho La Gloria products come ready to serve, over ice or chilled straight from the bottle or can. DO NOT store your Rancho La Gloria products in the freezer. Once opened, keep your Rancho La Gloria margaritas in the refrigerator for up to 60 days.

I want to serve Rancho La Gloria! Who do I contact?

Reach out to sales@patcobrands.com and we’ll help you add RLG to your on-premise account.

Is it a Mixer or a Drink?

All of our products already have alcohol in them for 21+ enjoyment.