Friends and family alike are all happy to flock to a party if it’s offered, and what party is a party without a few stiff drinks? We’d love to help you keep your bar stocked and everyone happy at your home.

We’re here to give you the amount of everything you’ll need, including wine, pop, ice, tequila, whisky, and more. You won’t have to agonize over how much each bottle has or stare at the shelf in the store, trying to crunch the numbers like a math genius.

Making parties easy is what we do, and we’re always more than happy to provide.


The Budget Bar

If you’re looking to have a top-notch holiday party but don’t want to break the bank, we have a few tips for you! You can always have the standards of beer and wine, but mixed drinks is where people lose their wallet typically hosting a party.

For the mixed drink selection, you can select three to five cocktails that are reasonable to prepare and make the drinks ahead of time. This lets you pick the booze and the mixer so your party members won’t be any the wiser when you choose the Cosco brand orange juice and on sale vodka.

Having the drinks pre-prepared will also give you more time at the party because you won’t have to be mixing the drinks while everyone else chats it up! If you like the bartender feel, just make them all behind the bar and live it up either way.

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How Much is Just Enough For a Full Bar?


If you have a bit more money in your budget, there are some typical amounts of wine, pop, juice, hard liquor, ice, and water to keep behind the bar. When you follow these guidelines, you can be confident that most parties won’t run out of the good stuff until the end.

This will also, hopefully, make for an easy checklist for when you’re at the store. You can just go down this list here and know that all of your bases are covered when it comes time to start letting guests in.




A lot of the time you’ll already know your friends well enough to know which ones want wine and which ones don’t. If you do know, we would recommend one bottle per person for a typical three to four-hour party. 

This allows for one drink per hour and is typical for most people. If you have some unknown guests, we’d suggest two people per bottle of wine. This keeps it even enough if every other person loves their wine, you can still cover it!

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Pop is something that is a staple in mixed drinks and for the sober people at the party like kids and adults who work at 6 AM the next morning. There is a fairly wide variety here, but we can recommend having a 2 liter of pop per eight to ten people.

This allows for some pure pop drinkers and the mixed drink people to all have their choice of drink! Your standard soda pop list includes coke, diet coke, tonic water, club soda, and sprite.

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For those who can’t handle the carbonation, juice is the other mixer that’s needed at a bar. We would typically recommend higher quality or freshly squeezed juice, but at some point in the night, it doesn’t make a big difference.

The staples that need to be included are orange juice, cranberry juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice. These five should cover almost every mixed drink and keep your bar fresh.

For the amount, you’ll want a gallon of juice per ten to twelve people. Most of the time, there will be a bit of extra juice at the end of the night.


Hard Drinks


This list can be as short as you want or as long. There are the staples of vodka, whisky, and tequila, but you can also include gin and rum.

Since vodka is the most popular drink for mixing, we’d recommend having two handles. When it comes to whisky and tequila, one handle each should do. Hard Alcohol lasts a long time on the shelf, so you don’t have to worry about overstocking it.

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Some people love ice in their drinks, and some don’t, but most people will ask for ice if it’s available. Since most drinks will have ice, you’ll want to have about one kilogram of ice per person or two pounds.

Most people will want ice in their drinks, and ice melts faster as the night heats up.


Always Have Water


There is typically one that won’t be drinking for every guest drinking, so water is the go-to for them. Additionally, if people want to sober up a bit or avoid a hangover, the end of the night will include most of the water drank.

Typically two bottles of water per person or a gallon of water for every four people will cover everyone and more.

Stock Up and Have Some Fun!


Having the right amount of everything at your bar is always important, but once you’re stocked up and ensured all your guests are having fun, have one yourself and relax! Parties are an amazing way to stay in touch with friends and family.

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