So, you want to have a GNI (Girls Night In) but don’t know where to start. You want to do something special for your friends. Something different from Netflix or sitting around gossiping with nothing else to do. 

Sure, you can go out for a night on the town. But going out is expensive. Plus, it takes a lot of coordination. What time are we meeting? Does everyone like this restaurant? Hey, do you want to split the bill?

Sometimes going out isn’t the best idea. It’s hard to have in-depth conversations in a noisy environment surrounded by strangers.

Hosting a lady’s night at home is the perfect solution for you to blow off some steam and enjoy the company of your closest friends!

Check out our best tips and ideas for hosting the perfect ladies’ night at home.

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Rules For A Successful Ladies Night

Like it or not, a successful ladies’ night has rules. Don’t worry. These aren’t stuffy rules that will ruin the evening. Quite the contrary. These rules will help your evening stay fun, relaxed, and tasty at the same time!

Keep It Simple

Don’t go overboard. Of course, there’s always a time to dress up and be fancy. You can certainly do this if you want for your lady’s night out. But for a night in, we think simple and casual is the way to go. 

Keeping it simple also goes along with the food you serve. If you plan on cooking something for your guests, try not to go overboard.

Otherwise, you’ll overwhelm yourself and will drink all the canned cocktails before your guests arrive!

Add Some Simple Touches

Try to think of something simple that will grasp your guest’s attention. It could be a decoration like a bouquet of flowers or fairy lights. 

Or, you could serve tasty refreshments like homemade cookies with matching plates and napkins. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Have Plenty of Seating

Ensure you can accommodate the number of guests you’ll host with proper seating. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring folding chairs if you don’t have enough. You can get creative with seating by using large pillows, bean bags, and lots of blankets to make it cozy.

Make It Cozy

Speaking of cozy, have a few soft plush blankets on hand. Dim the lights, set the music, and curl up on the couch. You can even play a movie or show in the background to keep a casual vibe. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself! This is an event where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy the evening as if you were a guest- even in your own home!

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7 Ideas To Host The Perfect Ladies Night At Home

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Let’s get to the good stuff. Here are 7 ideas to host the perfect ladies’ night at home!

Have a Party Theme

Great parties have great themes. This doesn’t mean you need to dress up in a costume although you can certainly do that! Some examples of party themes include:

  • Pajama Party
  • Carnival 
  • Decade party (50s, 80, 90s)
  • Girl Power 
  • Around the Word (Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, etc)
  • Masquerade 
  • Little Black Dress
  • Holiday or Seasonal Celebration
  • Color-based (Red and black, gold, etc.)
  • Costume Party
  • Luau
  • Pool party
  • Tea party
  • Music festival 

Have a Food and Drink Station

drinks are very important during a girls night

The best parties have great food and drinks. If you don’t know what kind of refreshments to serve, don’t worry. We got you!

  • Cook for your guests: For those that love to cook, go ahead and show off a little! Cook a special treat for your guests like pies, cookies, or some homemade snacks. Remember though, keep it simple.
  • Order take out: Who says you have to cook? Order take-out instead. Better yet, you can order take-out from multiple restaurants and have a take-out buffet. If your theme is around the world, order some authentic foreign food. 
  • Have a potluck: Invite your friends for a potluck. Everyone loves them! You can try out different dishes and even have a theme for the potluck, like Taco Tuesday. 
  • Avoid food: Just because it’s a lady’s night doesn’t mean you have to have food. Skip the calories and just serve drinks!
  • Make it BYOB!: If you can’t afford a lot of beverages, make it a BYOB (bring your own beer)! Choose from a variety of our cocktails and popsicles and everyone else can bring a drink of their choosing.

Have Games

Unleash your competitive side by playing some games. Here are some fun board games you can play on your ladies night at home:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Apples to Apples
  • Scrabble
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Bananagrams
  • Ticket to Ride

Host a Spa Night

Spa nights are great for relaxation. Offer face masks, sliced cucumbers, flavored water, and have your guests bring bathrobes if they have one. Plus, you can do a spa night while doing other activities.

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Throw a Swap Party

Throw a swap party if you have stuff you need to get rid of. Your friends can bring items they want to get rid of, and everyone can benefit by exchanging stuff. You can always don’t what you don’t want. 

Movie Night

What better way to enjoy a classic girl’s night than playing a movie? You can play a timeless movie like Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a silent film, or a movie from the decade you were born!

Explore Your Creative Side

Hosting a craft night could be an excellent way to explore your creative side. A popular option is to drink and paint. Who else wants to paint a self-portrait while sipping a cocktail?

Try to think of something simple that will grasp your guest’s attention.

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Ready For The Perfect Ladies Night At Home?

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You can do so many fun ideas for an unforgettable ladies’ night at home. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you and your friend group, and start planning! It’s that simple. 

We have all kinds of tips and recipes for you to choose from. Our customers love choosing Rancho La Gloria as their drink of the evening, and we know you will too!

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