Dinner parties, Superbowl parties, and other types of get-togethers with friends and family are always a fun time, but they’ve been done time and time again, and you’re looking for something new and exciting to try at your next hangout. If this happens to describe your situation, why not consider hosting a DIY paint party? It’s a perfect opportunity to have fun and get creative while sipping on some of your favorite drinks. Paint and Sip shops are a blast, but nothing is stopping you from having the same kind of fun at home and for a much more reasonable price.  

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Tutorials & Step-By-Step Painting Videos

The first step to a DIY paint party involves finding painting tutorials and videos that you and your friends can follow. The internet is teeming with “How to paint” content that caters to any level of painting skills and experience. Look at different YouTube channels and artist blogs to find some tutorials you think you and your friends would enjoy following. You can even ask your friends what sort of things they would like to try painting to give you some starting ideas. However, it’s essential that you know what types of paints are being used in the tutorials and that you are using the same kind. You’re going to encounter some problems if you try to follow an oil painting video from Bob Ross while using acrylics

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An art station with canvas, different types of paint, brushes, a wooden palette, and some chalk pastels. 

Before you and your friends start painting, you’re going to need to pick up some painting supplies. Here are the basics that you should be sure to have before your DIY paint party guests arrive: 

  • Paints (Use either acrylic, watercolors, or oil paints)
  • Brushes
  • Canvases
  • Water containers
  • Paper plates or paint palettes
  • Table coverings (plastic table cloths and newspapers work well)
  • Paper towels or old washcloths 
  • Aprons
  • Table-top easels, instructional easels, or standing easels
  • Fans or hairdryers (speeds up the drying process, so guests don’t have to lug home wet canvases)

Make sure that you have a total headcount of guests before you go out to get your supplies to ensure that you have enough for everybody without buying too many extras. Remember that even discount art supplies can get expensive fast. If money is a significant concern, keep an eye out for sales going on at your local craft or art supply stores before you pick up everything you need for the party.

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Party Set-Up Instructions

To help ensure that you and your friends have the best night possible, you’re going to want to ensure that you have all of your supplies set up beforehand so everyone can jump right to the fun part of the evening. Here are some of the basic steps that you can follow to make sure your home is prepared for the best possible DIY paint party you can throw.

  1. Figure out how many people are coming to determine how many tables and chairs you need, as well as how many supplies you’ll have to get. Send out an RSVP invitation to everyone you’d like to come, and work from there to figure out how many canvases and brushes you’ll need, along with the amount of paint everyone will have to have for their project.
  2. If you’re going to be working in a carpeted area, be sure to lay down newspapers or other coverings on the floor to help prevent any potential stains.
  3. Cover the tables with a plastic table cloth or layers of newspaper to help keep messes down to a minimum.
  4. Set up the easels, canvases, water cups, and brushes so that everyone will have access to all the materials they need once they get started. You don’t want everyone to have to keep getting up to grab their materials while you’re trying to follow a tutorial, after all.
  5. Set up an instruction area
    1. If you’re all following an online tutorial, you’ll need a computer or TV screen that everyone can easily see.
    2. If your guests are following you, make sure you have a clearly visible standing easel
  6. Give everyone sample paintings or print-outs that they can use as an extra visual.
  7. Set up a station where people can select their paints before starting.
  8. Designate a helper to pass out extra supplies. It’s better to contact this person beforehand to ensure that they’re alright with helping out.
  9. If needed, pre-trace designs onto the canvases you’ll be using with graphite paper, or provide everyone with graphite paper so they can do it themselves.

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Party Drinks and Snacks

A bottle, pitcher, and several glasses full of Rancho La Gloria ready to drink margarita to help your guests enjoy the paint party. 

Essentially, one goal of a DIY paint party is to mimic the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere that comes with traditional paint and sip get-togethers at professional studios and art shops. This means that you’re going to need plenty of drinks for everyone to enjoy as they follow along and start creating their masterpieces. And don’t forget to set out a selection of delectable snacks while you’re at it. Have some chips, crackers, cheese cubes, and maybe even a fruit or veggie tray on hand for your guests, and serve them up alongside a batch of delicious Rancho La Gloria Margarita cocktails. Or, if you happen to be searching for a unique treat that still packs the punch of a delightful buzz, consider trying some Rancho La Gloria frozen cocktail popsicles

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