At some point, you may find that it’s your time to host a party. Hosting parties can be fun! But sometimes they’re stressful, especially when you’ve never hosted a party before.

There’s a lot to think about when planning a party. But hosting parties doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need fancy cups, a buffet of food, or even a spotless house. Most of the time, people don’t care. What they care about is the company.

Still, there are a few logistics to hosting a party, small or large. We’re giving you 15 tips so you can host the best party!

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A few bowls with some chips and dip can go a long way.

15 Tips For Hosting A Fun Party

Christmas party being held at home

1. Just do it

Don’t wait around for perfection. If you’ve wanted to host a party for some time, stop wasting time and start inviting people. You’ll never have your party at that rate. Invite people over, then figure everything else out. Who cares if your house isn’t perfect? Whose house is ever perfect?

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t go overboard. If you don’t like cooking, order take-out. If you don’t care for silly party games, then don’t bother. Leave behind the things that don’t matter in the end and have fun! Overcomplicating the event will make you never want to host a party again.

3. Offer food

People like food. Food makes everything feel more relaxed and fun. People have assembled around food for millennia. And for a good reason- it works! Good food brings people together. You don’t need anything fancy. A few bowls with some chips and dip can go a long way.

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4. Use disposables

homeowner using paper plates to serve party goers

A big reason why people don’t like hosting parties is the clean-up. Make it easy on yourself and use disposables. If you’re an environmentally-conscious person, you can always opt for compostable plates and cups that can be recycled later.

5. Do one thing right

Trying to do everything perfectly is a recipe for disaster. Instead, focus on doing one thing right. Give yourself time to decorate if that’s what you want to do. Or, work on cleaning your house and just order take-out. 

A good tip is to think about opposites. If you have crazy party games, don’t worry about decorations. If you have Pinterest-worthy decorations, let people socialize independently and provide some simple games later.

6. Make it cozy 

Being in a stiff, stuffy room all evening makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Mix traditional seating with non-traditional seating like bean bags and floor pillows. Throw around blankets for people. Offers some soothing beverages. Make people feel at home, and they’ll do just that.

7. Ask for help

friend helping out another friend set up a party

You don’t need to host a party alone. Ask for help! Tell your guests to bring foldable chairs if they can. Have someone bring salad while someone else brings dessert. Make it a BYOB, and everyone can bring their favorite drink! 

There’s also no harm in asking for help during clean-up. Most people want to help their hostess/host with party logistics. If people want to help, let them!

Be intentional about where you want people.

8. Turn up the AC

This detail is often overlooked but makes a significant impact. When dozens of people in one room laugh, eat, and tell jokes, things get heated. Literally. Turn up the AC a little or crack open a window. Your guests won’t want to feel like they’re partying in a furnace! 

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9. Once people arrive, forget everything else

Once people arrive, it’s time to relax and have fun. Forget about what didn’t get done. 

And don’t apologize to your guests for something they wouldn’t have noticed in the first place.

Have the necessities in place before your guests arrive. Don’t try to greet your guests at the door with your curling iron in one hand and mascara in the other. 

10. Invite the right people

Some people aren’t party people. And that’s okay! It’s best to not invite specific people to events when you know they’ll feel uncomfortable the entire time. Plus, it takes time away from you because you have to make them feel comfortable in the environment. 

The kind of people you invite matters, so invite the right people.

11. Consider children

Figure out if kids are allowed at your party. If you allow kids, make sure there’s a place for them to sit. Give them activities like coloring, video games, or a movie. It could be awkward for you and your guests if you realize you should have been more explicit about the kind of party you want. 

12. Be strategic with your space

Be intentional about where you want people. Create places in your space for people to have conversations and bump into one another. Often, people like congregate in the kitchen because that’s where the food is. 

Bring appetizers and drinks to the living room instead if you don’t want people in the kitchen! 

13. Have margaritas!

Two margaritas flanking a bottle of Rancho La Gloria margarita cocktail.

You don’t have to have a fancy drink at your party. Margaritas aren’t hard to make either! But a nice margarita really sets the mood and shows people you’re trying to be a good party host. 

Rancho La Gloria offers ready-to-drink margarita mixes that taste like you’re on the beach of Mexico. Impress your guests by asking, “blended or on the rocks?”

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14. Set expectations

What kind of party do you want to throw? Is it a relaxed party where people will enjoy a few drinks and chat? Will there be games? How big will your party be? Let your guests know what to expect from your party.

15. Close your party with intention

This is another detail often overlooked. But closing your party makes a world of difference from people staggering out the door because they don’t know if the party is over or not. 

Not all parties need closure. Some parties come to an end naturally. But if your party needs a little nudge, close it with intention. Offer a snack for the ride home. Ask people if they want one more drink. Give people cues that the party is ending soon, and send them home with a smile on their faces!

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