A margarita is the perfect alcoholic drink for a variety of social settings. People enjoy margaritas at bachelorette parties, beach days, and holiday parties. 

Most people love the traditional margarita made from lime, tequila, and orange liqueur. However, if you’re looking to try something outside of the traditional margarita, you have many options. 

Read on to learn how to take your margarita to the next level

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Margarita Popsicles 

If you’re looking for an easy way to cool off on a hot day, then margarita popsicles are for you. The great thing about these margarita popsicles is that you don’t need to buy any ingredients. 

You also don’t need to deal with glassware. Just open the popsicle and you’ll be good to go. Some of the best margarita popsicle flavors to try include:

Margarita popsicles are also a great option for those watching their waistline, as each popsicle only contains 100 calories

Bottled Margarita Cocktails 

Bottled margarita cocktails are another great option for those looking to simplify the margarita-making process. 

All you need to do is pour your bottled cocktail over ice and you’ll be ready to enjoy. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can choose garnishes other than limes. Mint, blackberries, and grapefruit are all great garnishing options. 

Instead of regular salt, you can rim your margarita glass with spicy salt if you’re looking for an extra kick. Some great bottled cocktail flavors to try to include mango, strawberry, watermelon, and beach. 

Canned Margarita Cocktails 

Canned margarita cocktails are another great option for those who don’t want to deal with glassware. All you need to do is pop the can tab and start sipping. 

Canned cocktails are a great option for those drinking in outdoor settings and settings that don’t permit glassware, such as the beach or the park. You can just toss your can in the recycling when you’re done drinking. 

You can enjoy canned cocktails in many of the same flavors as bottled cocktails. 

Other Recommendations

Margarita and Limes

In addition to the above options, here are some other recommendations for your margaritas:

Puree With Fruit 

One way to change up your margarita is to puree it with a fruit of your choice. We recommend mixing one part puree with one part classic margarita. While you can experiment with different fruits, we recommend trying strawberries, mangos, kumquats, or peaches. 

Add in Pomegranate 

Not only can pomegranate make your margarita tastier, but it can also make your margarita look really cool. Just make your margarita as normal and then squeeze in some fresh pomegranate juice

Add Hot Peppers 

If you love spicy margaritas, then we suggest adding in some hot peppers. The peppers you choose to add to your margarita will depend on the level of heat you can handle. 

If you prefer very little spice, we suggest using banana peppers, bell peppers, or pimento peppers. If you like a mild to medium amount of spice, we suggest trying paprika peppers, jalapeno peppers, or poblano peppers. You can also try anaheim chiles, hatch chiles, or serrano chiles. 

If you can handle a lot of spice, you can try Thai chiles, Piri Piri peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, ghost chiles, or Carolina reapers. Just make sure to have some milk nearby, as, for many people, the spice is too much to handle! 

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Add Cucumber 

Cucumbers are a great option for those looking to freshen up their margarita. To add the perfect amount of cucumber flavor, you can either soak your cucumbers in tequila or use a cucumber-infused tequila. 

To finish off the cocktail, garnish with a cucumber slice

Add Mint 

When most people think of mint cocktails, they think of mojitos. However, mint can also be a great addition to your margarita. 

You can either muddle mint leaves into the bottom of your glass before you make your margarita, or you can simply slice up some mint sprigs and float them on top of your margarita for a more subtle flavor. 

Make a Beergarita 

If you love beer and you love margaritas, then you need to try a beergarita. A beergarita is exactly what it sounds like- it’s a beer mixed in with a margarita. 

To pull off this cocktail, you need to add in the exact right amount of beer. Too much beer will just wash out the flavor of the margarita. Leave enough room at the top of your glass to float some beer on top

Also, make sure you choose the right type of beer. Adding a Guinness or a dark porter to your margarita isn’t going to taste very good. Instead, we recommend going with a light lager that will bring out the flavors of the margarita without overpowering it. 

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Swap In Meyer Lemons 


While lime is a staple margarita ingredient, you can swap lime out for Meyer lemon if you’re looking for something different. Meyer lemons are slightly sweeter than limes, and they don’t have as much acidic tang. 

To make a Meyer lemon margarita, follow the same steps you would when making a traditional margarita but swap the lime out for lemon

Make a Paloma 

A Paloma is a spinoff of the classic margarita. In Spanish, the word Paloma means “dove.” To make a Paloma, you’re going to need tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice, club soda, agave nectar, ice, and salt. 

You can even make a drink that’s one part Paloma and one part margarita if you can’t make up your mind which cocktail you want!

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Time to Level Up Your Margarita 

As you can see, there are many simple ways to level up your margarita. With these add-ins and swaps, you’ll never get bored of margaritas. 

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