This classic Mexican-inspired drink is the go-to choice for many this summer. But, you might be wondering, what makes margaritas so unique? This cocktail can come in a variety of different styles. Do you want it with salt, on the rocks, frozen, sweet, or spicy? No matter how you like it, margaritas can be customized to suit your tastes. 

This refreshing drink is made from tequila, ice, fruit-based liqueur, and fruit juice. And while margaritas may sound easy to make at first glance, margarita recipes can become very complex. Some might say it’s the perfect cocktail, but there’s more to margaritas than meets the eye. 

Let’s look at why these are the cocktail of the summer and what makes margaritas the ultimate drink. 

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A brief dive into the history of margaritas 

To truly understand why margaritas are so great, we must go back to the beginning! 

Where did margaritas originate?

Margaritas have a complicated history. There have been numerous claims that margaritas found their beginnings in a wide array of places. Margaritas’ roots have been traced to Mexico, the U.K., and California. One of the most popular stories surrounding the invention of the margarita involves a man named Carlos “Danny” Herrera.

Herrera owned a restaurant named Rancho La Gloria located between Rosarito and Tijuana. According to the story, Herrera created the cocktail for Marjorie King, a longtime customer, and Ziegfield dancer. Apparently, King was allergic to all spirits except tequila.

Herrera related this story to others, and it was backed by the bartender Albert Hernandez. Hernandez was given credit for popularizing the margarita in the US at the La Plaza restaurant in La Jolla, California.

Traditional margaritas 

The traditional margarita is typically made with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice and is often served in the iconic margarita glass with salt around the rim. The classic margarita comes from a man named Carlos “Danny” Herrero sometime around 1938. He created this recipe at his Tijuana-based restaurant for one of his customers who was allergic to hard liquors except for tequila. 

Margaritas’ soaring popularity in America

Now that you know some about the margarita’s backstory, you can understand why this cocktail has so many variations. Margaritas have quickly become one of America’s favorite drinks. They complement many different meals and can add a refreshing twist to any party or get-together. 

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You can make your margarita recipe simple or complex!

One of the reasons margaritas are loved globally is their ability to be highly customized. You can quickly create a unique blend or try a pre-made margarita that’s already a fan favorite. 

You can start with the traditional margarita and add ingredients like cucumbers, various types of fruit, and other liqueurs. Or, you can turn your margarita from something sweet and sour into a spicy cocktail for a fun switch-up. For example, add jalapenos or chili peppers to a classic lime margarita to give it some spice. Or add extra heat by serving the drink with spicy salt around the rim. 

No matter how you want your margarita, there is a recipe for everyone. But if you aren’t keen on making your own, you’ll find many selections of margaritas ready to buy online or in your local store. Premade margaritas are optimal for many this summer as they are easily accessible and don’t require any ingredients. 

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Margaritas can be paired perfectly with most food.

This food-friendly drink can easily be paired with almost any dish! Especially spicy dishes or Tex-Mex. You can create the perfect meal when combining your food with a refreshing margarita. But, your meal doesn’t have to be spicy to add a margarita on the side. It pairs beautifully with most savory dishes. 

So whether you’re having spicy shrimp tacos or a delicious grilled corn salad, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing iced margarita. A frozen lime or strawberry margarita especially complements meals with chicken or shrimp. 

Just how popular are margaritas in America?

With so many different origin claims, so much time and work have gone into creating the perfect cocktail. And after all that work, it’s easy to see how this cocktail has become America’s favorite. Each year margaritas soar in popularity throughout the country. According to Nielson’s results, the margarita is a go-to drink for 60% of Americans. 

Americans consume 80% of all imported tequila in the world. (Wow!) There are several liquor corporations that claim Americans drink a combined total of nearly 200,000 margaritas every hour. No wonder it’s our favorite drink! 

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The iconic margarita glass

woman holding a rancho la gloria margarita

A classic margarita is often served in the iconic margarita glass. This glass has become a symbol of many of their favorite drink. This particular glass is much larger than your average cocktail or champagne glass as it needs more room to house a large amount of ice that is added to the drink. Even if you prefer to have your margaritas served frozen, you’ll often receive this served in the iconic glass. 

One story of how these glasses came to be associated with margaritas came through an accident many years ago. This story comes from an L.A.-based restaurant that ordered the wrong-sized glasses and then decided to continue using this design which later evolved into the margarita glasses we love and know today. 

Are you ready for a margarita? 

Now that you know why margaritas are not only the cocktail of the summer but also America’s favorite cocktail, we have one more question for you. Are you ready for a margarita? 

Whether you’ve tried them before, found a margarita that you love, or are new to the margarita scene, there’s a margarita for everyone. Find your perfect cocktail and combine it with your favorite dish for a great meal. Just remember, margaritas aren’t only for the summer. They’re good year-round! So even if it’s December, margaritas are always a good idea.