If you’ve been to a music festival, you probably know that many elements go into making sure that everybody has a great time besides just the musical entertainment. Quality food and drinks are a must-have for any music festival experience, so you need to be sure that you come well stocked with all of the top party provisions. Here’s a shortlist of some of the top music festival essentials that you’re going to want to remember going forward. Just remember to always drink responsibly and pace yourself as you go.

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Food & Drink Coolers

First things first; coolers. If you’re attending a music festival, then chances are there will be a lot of drinks and food that you’re going to need to keep cool and fresh. At the very least, you’ll probably need two coolers, one designated for food and the other for drinks. You can also use a cooler for stocking up on some quality frozen cocktail pops or have a cooler dedicated to storing ice for mixed drinks.

However, keep in mind that it may also be helpful to have two drink coolers to separate your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, especially if there will be any minors attending the festival with their friends or family. This isn’t something everyone will have to worry about at every music festival- as many have strict age requirements- but it’s a good thing to keep in mind, particularly if you’re thinking about attending a more family-friendly festival.

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Alcoholic Drinks

A silver bucket full of ice and Rancho La Gloria ready to drink margaritas. 

If you’re looking to attend an upcoming music festival, then you’re going to need plenty of
delicious festival drinks to help everyone unwind and get into the festival spirit. Here are the top alcoholic beverages that you should consider stocking up on so that you and all of your friends can make the most out of your time partying.

Alcohol Coolers

Alcohol coolers aren’t for everyone, but there are a ton of people who love them, and there are plenty of top-quality brands that would be worth keeping on hand. Consider stocking up on some of the classics, like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, B&Js, and Seagrams


All killer music festivals need an ice-cold cooler of beer full of all of the most beloved brands. From Bud Light to Coors Light, and Corona to New Castle– not to mention a whole host of craft beers– there are so many different options for you to choose from when it comes to filling your coolers with the good stuff that will keep everybody happy.

Hard Liquor

There are several types of hard liquor to choose from, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your tastes and what kinds of mixed drinks you’re going to want to have on hand. The six hard liquors to consider are tequila, rum, whisky, vodka, gin, and brandy. All of them can be made into a range of delicious drinks to help you relax and get into the groove of the music.


When it comes to music festivals and drinks, your first thought probably isn’t going to be wine. But it can actually be a great addition to your drink selection when it comes to enjoying the music and letting loose. Keep in mind that a glass bottle of wine may meet with an unfortunate accident at a crowded festival full of rowdy party-goers. So stick to boxed wine if you want to avoid any tragic incidents of lost liquor and cut-up hands.


If you’re looking for a perfect time at the music festival, don’t forget to also keep some delicious Rancho La Gloria cocktails around for those looking to enjoy a delightful mixed drink without all the hassle of putting one together for themselves.

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Non-Alcoholic Drinks

A top-down view of several soda cans containing different drinks.


The very last thing anyone should want to deal with is festival party-goers who end up passing out due to dehydration. People also don’t want to have to deal with others getting too drunk too quickly. So ensure that you keep plenty of water on hand to prevent that from happening, and consider alternating between it and your alcoholic drinks to pace yourself during the festivities. 

Soda & Pop

Not everyone wants to drink alcohol, and few people want to drink only alcohol when they’re enjoying a music festival. Whether you refer to them as sodas or pops, make sure to keep a selection of them handy to enjoy when you’re looking for a break from the alcohol.

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Mixers & More

We mentioned cocktails above, but unless you’ve got your hands on some ready-to-drink mixes that you can enjoy without any effort, you’re going to need some additional ingredients. So pick up some margarita or pina colada mix and some of the following to help ensure that you have enough drink varieties to help keep everybody satisfied.

Fruit Juices

Pick out some of your favorite fruit juice mixes like orange, pineapple, and guava, toss in a splash of rum or vodka, and you have the makings of a fabulous drink that’s sure to help enhance your overall festival experience.

Pop & Soda

These were already mentioned above for those looking to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages while at the music festival. But sodas are also a great addition to mixers. You can’t go wrong with rum and Coke, after all.

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