Most people are familiar with wine tastings and brewery tours. However, you could opt to take another type of liquid vacation that has grown more popular recently. A distillery tour can be a great centerpiece for your next tequila vacation.

A tequila vacation includes a trip to Mexico for the beautiful climate, the delicious food, the relaxing vibes, and, of course, the tequila. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to discover more about tequila vacations. 


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What Is a Tequila Vacation? 

A tequila vacation is a trip to the tequila-producing region of Mexico. There, you can drink authentic tequila, learn about the production process, take a guided tour of a distillery, and even visit the town of Tequila. You can taste tequila straight while there or sip it as part of a delicious margarita or cocktail. 

This kind of vacation is incredible because it offers so much versatility. You can obviously go for the tequila and everything around it. However, outside of that, there are tons of other activities you can partake in and sights you can see.

This means that a tequila vacation can ultimately be anything you want. It can be a fun and informative time that takes an in-depth look at the production process. Or, it can be a wild vacation where seeing the tequila production process is just one of many stops. You could even just go to the area to enjoy the tequila closer to where it’s made. 


Where to Go For a Tequila Vacation 

Jalisco, Mexico is a region of Mexico known for tequila production. The high altitude and sandy soil make the perfect environment for growing blue agave

Within this state, there are plenty of places to go and visit. The state itself is filled with a number of tequila producers. Each one has its own individual style and production method. It also has an incredible amount of culture and natural beauty. 

If you’re looking to absorb all of this from the comfort of a beautiful beach, you should consider making Puerto Vallarta the base for your trip. This larger city in Jalisco is known for breathtaking beaches, fun times on the water, and incredibly energetic nightlife. You can party from dusk to dawn here, enjoying tequila the entire time. 


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If you don’t mind getting away from the beach, consider checking out Guadalajara. This city is known for its museums, music, art, and so much more. Here, you can sip on a margarita while listening to the most authentic mariachi music you can imagine, as mariachi music was invented in Jalisco. Plus, Guadalajara is much closer to tequila destinations. For instance, the town of Tequila itself is close to this city. 

Though these cities are two of the most popular choices, they are not the only ones. There are plenty of smaller cozy towns that would make the perfect base for your vacation. You could even stay somewhere just outside the Jalisco region. The coastal town of Sayulita is close enough to make it easy to travel into Jalisco while allowing you the chance to see another region. 

Church and plaza in Guadalajara, Mexico


Drinking Tequila on Vacation

When it comes to a tequila vacation, Mexico is your oyster. You can plan the trip in any way you desire, so you focus on what you enjoy. This includes drinking tequila and enjoying everything else the region has to offer. However, most people going on a tequila vacation often want to put the titular drink at the centerpiece. 

The best way to fit tequila in is by taking the Tequila Trail or “La Ruta del Tequila.” This will take you across the region on an amazing journey. You will visit the towns of Tequila, Arenal, and Amatitan, where all of the world’s tequila is created. There, you can discover the authentic processes behind the drink’s creation. 


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This starts with a visit to the distilleries. Tour of Casa Sauza allows you to learn about Sauza tequila while also allowing you to plant your own agave plant. You can even admire the intimidating sight of the Tequila Volcano as you visit the Tres Agaves distillery. No matter where you choose, each location offers something unique and different. 

Most tours also offer tastings. This allows you to see how the different production methods produce different flavors. 

The tastings give you even more reason to visit multiple places on your trip. You can compare and contrast the tequilas you try to find out which brand you like best. You can even try different tequilas from that brand to find out which one of their products you like best. You can take all of this information home to make even better tequila drinks

Just make sure to plan your trip responsibly. If you are participating in tastings, make sure you aren’t driving. Plenty of tours are available that will drive you around, so consider booking one of those. 


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Other Things To Do On A Tequila Vacation

While tequila may be the centerpiece of your vacation, you would be remiss in making it the only thing you do. After all, Mexico offers an incredible range of activities everyone can enjoy. 

This can be something intense. You could book a tour of the region. Or, if you are staying in a coastal area, you could go out on a boat for a cruise or a fishing excursion. 

If you’re looking for something more laid back, you can simply enjoy the incredible food. Mexico has some of the best food in the world. However, outside of Mexico, it often is altered and changed. Actually visiting the area gives you the opportunity to try real Mexican food. 

Beach and chairs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Booking a Tequila Vacation

If you love tequila, then taking a tequila vacation is a no-brainer. It will allow you to learn more about tequila and to try different varieties right from the source. It will also allow you to soak up all of the beauty and wonder Mexico has to offer. Together, these factors make a trip like this something to die for. 

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