Margaritas are a fantastic drink and a summertime staple. However, summertime is also the time of year people are most concerned about watching their weight. After all, this is the time of year when clothes are the tightest and thinnest and when the most bare skin is exposed. 

So, how can you enjoy the sublime taste of margaritas while still looking good in a bikini? 

One solution is a skinny margarita. Skinny margaritas have advantages over regular margaritas, making them a great choice for anyone watching their weight. Keep reading to find out more about these drinks. 

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Why Should You Choose Skinny Margaritas?

A regular margarita is a wonderfully refreshing drink. However, many rely on larger amounts of sugar and other ingredients that aren’t exactly good for you. In fact, margaritas typically average around 250 calories in each four-ounce serving. 

Meanwhile, skinny margaritas are made from ingredients that are specifically chosen to be healthy. Instead of averaging in at 250 calories, they can be found with half the amount of calories. For example, Rancho La Gloria’s skinny margaritas only contain 90 calories in a five-ounce serving. For this option, you get a larger drink but consume fewer calories!

This has a big impact when it comes to weight loss. Consider the following example: you spend a full night out and drink three margaritas. In doing so, you’ve consumed around 750 calories just from those drinks. Meanwhile, drinking the same amount of skinny margaritas would have only had you consume 270 calories. This saves you from consuming 480 calories, which would take a little less than 40 minutes of continuous running to burn off. 

Skinny Margarita Options

You can make your own skinny margarita by following a few key tips. However, you can also buy pre-made skinny margarita mixes. 

To make your own skinny margarita, you need to swap out a few classic margarita ingredients for healthier alternatives. Instead of using triple sec, use a similar amount of freshly-squeezed orange juice. Meanwhile, instead of using regular agave, use a light version. Depending on how this mixture tastes, you may need to add more fresh lime or orange juice in order to make the drink taste right. 

Want to enjoy your margaritas without all of the calories? Learn more about our skinny margarita here!

In addition, avoid adding things that will simply add more calories to your drink. Many lime and orange syrups are loaded with sugar and will make the drink far less healthy. 

If creating a skinny margarita sounds too difficult, you can always choose a pre-made option. These are great because you already know exactly what you are getting with them, especially since most options will list the number of calories right on the bottle. Plus, making a margarita with them is easy, as you simply pour the drink right from the bottle. 

It also helps that there are a lot of pre-made skinny margarita options out there. At Rancho La Gloria, we offer a classic lime skinny margarita and a strawberry variety.

Skinny Margarita Recipes

Woman drinking a margarita

Skinny margaritas can be enjoyed on their own and are just fine that way. However, many of them also work great as the base for a larger recipe. With the following recipes, you can get more elaborate with the kinds of margaritas you serve and that you enjoy yourself. 

Sun-Kissed Margarita

Looking for a fun twist on a traditional margarita? If so, this sun-kissed margarita may be just what you’re looking for. 

To make it:

  1. Start with three ounces of Rancho La Gloria’s skinny lime margarita.
  2. Mix this together with an ounce of premium tequila and a splash of orange juice.
  3. Pour this into a glass filled with sliced oranges, limes, and ice. 

This is great because it isn’t too different from a regular margarita. You still have the classic lime, orange, and tequila flavors. However, you are amping them up in a way that allows them to express themselves more. This creates a new drink that will be perfect for people who are already fans of margaritas. 

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Skinny Basil Strawberry Margarita

Basil is an underrated element of mixology. It tastes great, adds a fresh element to the beverage, and has potential health benefits on top of this. More and more drinks are starting to use basil, and it is easy to see why. 

Basil also pairs wonderfully with strawberry. This is why the skinny basil strawberry margarita came into being. To make this drink:

  1. Start with four to five sliced strawberries.
  2. Add these to a glass with ice.
  3. Press or crush the basil slightly to release the aroma, and add it to the glass.
  4. Pour in about three and a half ounces of Rancho La Gloria’s skinny strawberry margarita.
  5. Garnish the drink with a few strawberries or lime wedges, and you’re done!

This skinny basil strawberry margarita is great because of its unique taste. However, it is also great because it takes very little work to make. 

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Skinny B*tch Summer

Most poolside drinks are absolutely loaded with sugars and unhealthy syrups. However, you have to admit that they do look incredibly appetizing. Because of this, you need a drink that looks and tastes just as good but that has far fewer calories. 

This is where the Skinny B*tch Summer steps in. To make this drink: 

  1. Mix three ounces of Rancho La Gloria’s skinny strawberry margarita with one ounce of pomegranate juice and a splash of prosecco. 
  2. Then, garnish the finished drink with limes and fresh pomegranate arils. 

The pomegranate juice will add a refreshing fruit flavor, while the prosecco will add a dose of elegance. Plus, the whole drink looks even better with the colorful garnishes. Together, these factors all combine to create an indulgent drink that feels like it shouldn’t be as healthy as it is. 

Enjoying Skinny Margaritas

Blackberry margarita next to a cocktail shaker

Whether you’re watching your weight or are simply trying to make healthier drink decisions, skinny margaritas are a great choice. You can enjoy them on their own or as part of a full cocktail. Either way, with a skinny margarita, you can fully take in the summer without worry.

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